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About Axel

Born in Auburn, New York on May 21, 1907, Axel Bahnsen moved to Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1924 where he attended Antioch College and began his photography career. Axel entered his first exhibit in 1926, and by 1930 he was ranked among the top 50 photographers in the world. At one time he was ranked the fourth best in international circles.

Buy the Book

In 2010, author Paul R. Cooper and Jane Baker published this book containing 108 of Axel’s most notable photographs. This first edition book was published through the Yellow Springs Historical Society, the Yellow Springs Community Foundation with support from Bahnsen’s daughter, Elaine Bahnsen Brown.

Axel Originals

Family of Axel Bahnsen is carefully going through and cataloging the remaining original photographs of Axel. These soon will be made available for purchase.